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The measure of all things - freedom of movement, buoyancy and gliding properties in perfection

competition day. The sun slowly rises above the water surface. You are perfectly prepared. You are looking forward to the starting gun. The sailfish Ultimate IPS Plus 3 gives you a perfect feeling - weightless - free - fast!

With the Ultimate IPS Plus we make good things even better! Our passion for triathlon and over 10 years of wetsuit design experience allow us to squeeze every last ounce of performance out of our wetsuits. And that's exactly what we make possible for you, your team in training and your competitors in competition. Swim like a pro in the pro suit.


Look forward to new features. German engineering meets a love of sport. The Ultimate IPS Plus 3 convinces with the TOP technologies from sailfish.

  • More buoyancy for your perfect position in the water
    Aerofloat Max stands for maximum lift. The Ultimate IPS Plus 3 ensures an optimal position in the water with integrated air cells. For you, this means an even better posture, an even smaller silhouette and thus even more speed.

  • Perfectly coordinated material thicknesses
    A neoprene thickness of 4.5 millimeters on the chest, hips and thighs creates buoyancy exactly where it supports your technique and your pace. 2.5 to 4.0 millimeters of material thickness on the lower leg offers a balanced compromise between buoyancy and easy, quick removal in the transition zone. With 1.5 millimeter neoprene, arms and shoulders, on the other hand, have optimal freedom of movement for an efficient and powerful arm pull.

  • Freedom of movement unlimited
    The key to efficient technology with maximum propulsion is freedom of movement. Our Ultimate IPS Plus 3 offers you this with the highly developed Phantom Skin neoprene and the Ultra Stretch inner liner. Extremely flexible material allows you to concentrate fully on yourself, your competition and your performance. Your suit supports you without pushing itself to the fore.
    The Ultimate IPS Plus 3 gives you unsurpassed freedom to fully exploit your technique. The zero resistance panel offers a perfect water feeling with a small amount of seams and an integrated arm panel.

  • Hip rotation - the key to even more efficiency
    The Hip Rotation Panel, which was completely redeveloped in 2022, is a core panel that supports you in an even more powerful, even faster swimming technique. Additional freedom of movement in the hips allows you unrestricted hip rotation, almost as if you were swimming without a suit. In this way you can transfer the longitudinal rotation of your body even better to the water and convert all your strength into effective propulsion.

  • Even less water resistance
    Nano Stealth Coating stands for minimal frictional resistance. The wafer-thin coating of our Phantom Skin neoprene lets you glide through the water almost weightlessly - towards the transition zone and a new best time.

  • Comfort that makes you fast
    We know that the best wetsuit is only perfect if you enjoy wearing it. That's why the Super Comfort Innerliner offers you enormous flexibility and even better wet-slip properties. It is comfortable to wear in the water and can be taken off even more easily and quickly. Because swimming only ends in the transition zone!

Putting on a wetsuit correctly: Here are the step-by-step instructions

It is best to try out the wetsuit in our test swims:

Click here for the dates: NEOPREN TEST SWIMMING 2023

Manufacturer sailfish
Gender ladies
Color black silver
category top model
zipper rear
  • good shoulder flexibility / good buoyancy
  • 3mm chest and thighs
  • 2-3mm lower leg
  • 1.5mm shoulders + arms

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