Where can I get my certificate for the triathlon.de CUP 2022?

Please just follow this link . Here you look for your result. If you click on your personal result, you will receive your personal certificate as a download.

Where can I find my pictures from the photo service?

Please follow this link . Here you simply enter your name or your start number and all the pictures that have been taken of you will be displayed.

What is the current water temperature at the Oberschleißheim regatta course?

The water temperature is currently 15.3 degrees (as of May 7th). We will measure again during the week and publish here. After the next few days are getting warmer, it can already be assumed that the adults may/must swim. You can read all the questions about neo duty and neo rental below.

Am I registered for the triathlon.de CUP Munich 2022?

You can find the starter list (as of May 5th, 2022) here . If you find your name on the list, then you are registered for the triathlon.de CUP Munich.

Can I register for the triathlon.de CUP Munich late?

Registration for the triathlon.de CUP Munich will be closed on April 30th, 2023. If there are still starting places available at this point, you can register or register later when the starting number is issued.

If there are still places available at your desired distance and you want to register later, please be there in good time so that you can secure your starting place.

Do I have to collect my starting documents myself?

Basically yes. We have to check the starting passes and ID cards of the athletes who pick up their starting documents. If you cannot be there yourself, please give the person who is to pick up for you a power of attorney.

Do I need a corona test?

No, we do not have any corona requirements for the triathlon.de CUP 2022. Nevertheless, we recommend that the participants follow the AHA rules.

Until when can I cancel my starting place? Can I change my starting place (register)?

Withdrawal is only possible up to and including 30 days before the event (see also the terms and conditions of the triathlon.de CUP). After this point in time, withdrawal is not possible. A processing fee of EUR 20 will be charged in the event of withdrawal or an exchange of starting places.

However, you can look for an exchange partner and register your starting place with your exchange partner as part of the start number distribution before the competition. At least one power of attorney is required from you if you cannot come by in person.

I am already registered. How do I find out my start number?

After the end of the official registration period, we will publish the exact start numbers and start times. This is usually in the week before the respective triathlon.de CUP. Late registrations are possible on the day of the competition (if starting places are still available).

Do I need a starting pass or a day license for my triathlon?

For the middle distance, Olympic distance and the triple tri, every athlete needs a starting pass or a day license. The start pass must be presented to the start number issue. Otherwise the daily license is due. The daily license varies by national association and distance. This may have to be paid in cash.

At the triathlon.de CUP Munich 2022, the following fees are due for the daily licenses:

Middle distance: 25 EUR
Triple Tri/Oly distance: 20 EUR

For all other distances (classic, taster, schoolchildren and young people) you do not need a starting pass or day license.

For Adults/Youth A/Juniors: May I use my neoprene suit? Is there a neoprene obligation or a neoprene ban?

The decision as to whether neoprene suits may or must be used is made by the referee (referee of the Bavarian Triathlon Association) 1 hour before the first start of the triathon. As organizers, we have no influence on this.

If the water falls below 14 degrees, all competition distances will be held as duathlon:

Olympic distance: 10 km run - 40 km bike - 5 km run

People's distance: 5 km run - 20 km bike ride - 2.5 km run

Trial distance: 2.5 km run - 10 km bike ride - 1.2 km run

Otherwise applies:

center distance:

Neoprene is mandatory between 14 - 15.9 degrees

Neoprene can be worn between 16 - 24.5 degrees

Neoprene is prohibited from 24.6 degrees

Trippel-Tri, Oly-Distance, People's Distance, Trial Distance, Youth A / Juniors:

Neoprene is mandatory between 14 - 15.9 degrees

A neoprene can be worn between 16 - 21.9 degrees

Neoprene is prohibited from 22 degrees

For student/youth B: May I use a neoprene suit? Is there a neoprene obligation or a neoprene ban?

The individual age groups are regulated in the DTU sports regulations in §37.

The following applies to all student classes: If the water temperature is below 19 degrees, there is no swimming and it is replaced by a second running route. The student D will definitely be held as a duathlon. The following distances are completed in the case of a duathlon:

Student D: Run 0.2 km – Bike 1 km – Run 0.2 km

Student C: Run 0.4km – Bike 2.5km – Run 0.4km

Student B: 1km run – 5km bike ride – 0.4km run

Student A: Run 2km – Bike 10km – Run 1km

The following applies to youth B: If the water temperature is below 17 degrees, a duathlon with the following distances will be completed:

Youth B: 2km run – 10km bike ride – 1km run

Pupils AC / Youth B:

Neoprene is mandatory between 17 - 18.9 degrees

Neoprene can be worn between 19 - 21.9 degrees

Neoprene is prohibited from 22 degrees

Neoprene is mandatory between 17 - 18.9 degrees, neoprene may be worn from 19 - 21.9 degrees. Neoprene is prohibited from 22 degrees.

Can I borrow a neoprene suit?

Yes, you can go to the triathlon.de shop in Munich, Josephspitalstr. 9, 80331 Munich (muenchen@triathlon.de, 089 - 32211993) rent a neoprene suit. Neo rental costs EUR 35 per day or EUR 70 per week. Of course, the offer is only valid while stocks last.

What food do I get during the competition?

center distance:

Bike course: Water, PowerBar ISOACTIVE, PowerGel, PowerBar Energize bar

Running route: Water, PowerBar ISOACTIVE, PowerGel, PowerBar Energize bar, cola, ice

Olympic distance:

Running track: water, PowerBar ISOACTIVE, PowerGel

Folk, taster, student and youth distances:

Running route: water, PowerBar ISOACTIVE

For all distances there are drinks (water, PowerBar ISOACTIVE), fruit and delicious baked goods from our sponsor Dinkelbäcker Dümig at the finish line.

Is there a finisher medal?

Yes, at the finish you will receive your finisher medal.

How can I dispose of my rubbish during the race?

There is a so-called "littering zone" about 20 meters behind each aid station. Please only throw away your rubbish (cups, packaging, etc.) in these zones. If judges observe you disposing of rubbish outside of these zones, you will be penalized.

The littering zone on the bike course is about 40m behind the north-east corner of the bike course. See also the route map .

Is there a mass start?

No, we will carry out a so-called rolling start for all races (attention! Special regulation for state league). This means that the starters go out on the track in pairs with a distance of 5 seconds.

Will there be an awards ceremony?

Yes, there will be an awards ceremony for each distance. Please refer to the schedule for the exact times. The overall winners receive trophies or medals. The age group winners of the popular, oly and middle distance receive additional non-cash prizes.

Where can I find the pictures from the photo service?

Marathon Photos will take pictures of you during the triathlon. You can see these pictures here a few days after the triathlon. Simply enter your own starting number and off you go.

Where can I find the list of results from the triathlon.de CUP?

We did not post any result lists on site to avoid contacts. So you can see the list of results here .

Can I download my certificate?

Yes, after the race there is the possibility to download your own certificate. We will publish the link here.


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