Simply. Better. To go biking.


Simply. Better. To go biking.


Simply. Better. To go biking.

Experience the benefits

It doesn't matter whether it's a racing bike, gravel bike or time trial bike: the correct seating position is the decisive basis for pain-free riding and optimal performance on the bike. The added value is directly expressed in improved power transmission, more speed or more riding comfort.

From amateur athletes to professionals

The optimal setting is not universal, but individual. Therefore, our bike fitting always takes into account the special requirements, goals and needs of the athlete. The aim is to let “man and machine” grow together and to coordinate them optimally.

Holistic approach

Our bike fitting is dedicated to both the various biomechanical aspects (e.g. power transmission, round stepping, muscular activation) and anatomical-functional aspects (e.g. stability, pressure distribution, load structure).

Bike fitting is primarily about bringing about a biomechanically optimized change in the entire riding position of the athlete.

"With the correct adjustment of the saddle, handlebars and pedals/cleats, we are able to significantly improve the quality of the sitting posture: the best possible motor activation of the propulsive muscle chains, improvement of angular positions and leverage, relief of pressure and problem areas, avoidance of numbness "There is not only a measurable improvement in performance on the bike, but also an improved overall riding experience. Our goal is also to convey the right understanding of the bike itself and the requirements in different riding situations." - Stephan Schepe, sports scientist & bike fitter

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That's what our athletes say

"I was there for the bike fitting for my racing bike and I am more than satisfied. The service was great and I felt that I was in very good hands. Not only was my bike set up perfectly, I also took some useful tips with me. Highly recommended . Value for money, great!"

- Emily -

"Very friendly...super competent...thanks to the whole team, I had fun and felt comfortable...!!!!"

- Daniel -

"Super bike fitting with my new speedster. Took a lot of time and explained everything very well, so that I know better what to look out for in the future. All thumbs up and thank you very much!"

- Anya -

"Very competent. I left with the feeling that someone who had a clue took the time to talk to me and my bike and explained the basics of biomechanics to me in a way that I could understand."


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