DTU Sportordnung: das sind die Regeländerungen für die Saison 2022

Prohibition of the "Supertuck" position, extended neoprene permit from AK60 and standardization of the course lengths - the changes in the sport regulations for the new season are rather minor. Here is an overview of the new regulations.

What are the sports regulations of the DTU?

The sports regulations are the definitive set of rules for conducting triathlon competitions in Germany, which take place under the umbrella of the German Triathlon Union (DTU). This includes all provisions that are relevant and important for participation in the competition, including:

  • Competition forms and route lengths
  • permitted or prohibited clothing & equipment
  • Implementation regulations of the respective individual disciplines
  • penalties for rule violations
  • Regulations for children and youth competitions
  • Provisions for other multi-sport competitions (duathlon, cross-duathlon/triathlon, aquathlon, swim&bike, etc.)

The sports regulations for the 2022 season were checked by the Technical Commission, and some points were changed compared to the previous year.

What's new in 2022?

To swim

There is only one change in the neoprene rule: from AK60-64 wearing a wetsuit is also permitted at water temperatures between 22.0-24.5° and under 1,500m swimming distance (i.e. sprint distance & Olympic distance). For all other rating classes, the existing regulations remain unchanged. Summarized here in the overview:

Source: Sporting Regulations 2022

To go biking

In the second discipline, certain riding positions are now also banned in triathlon, which were already banned for cycle races by the world cycling association UCI last year - the best known is the so-called "supertuck" position, in which the rider sits up, especially on descents the top tube is set to improve drag and aerodynamics. The obligation to the three contact points on the bike applies:

  • Seat: only on the saddle
  • Feet: only on the pedals
  • Grip: Only on the handlebars

The following driving positions are therefore prohibited:

Photo credit: Sporting Regulations 2022

route lengths

The national regulations for the permissible route lengths for medium and long distances have now been adapted to international requirements from 2022. So far, for example, long distances with distances between 1.0 and 4.0 km for swimming, between 100 and 200 km for cycling and between 10 and 42.2 km for running could be held in Germany. The current change takes into account the international standard distances:

Source: Sporting Regulations 2022

Relay competition "Mixed Relay"

The format "Mixed Relay" is mainly known from the elite area, e.g. at the Hamburg Triathlon, also Olympic for the first time in Tokyo 2021: a team consists of two women and two men, who complete a short supersprint distance one after the other. Change to 2022: the order has been set to man-woman-man-woman (previously woman-man-woman-man).


There are also minor changes for swimming for para triathletes: From now on, para triathletes in class PTWC1 may only use approved swimming aids to fix their legs in accordance with the WT Approved Knee Braces Catalog. Furthermore, an interval start system of the World Triathlon (Triathlon World Association), the so-called "Staggered Start", is used for the swim start.

Source: Sporting Regulations 2022

We wish you every success in the 2022 triathlon season


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