Hautpflege für den Hintern: die besten Tipps gegen Wundstellen

Triathletes in particular, who have not yet clocked up that many kilometers by bike, know the questions about protective skin care. The skin in the saddle area is very easily irritated, sore and cracked after a short time. So that this doesn't happen to you, here are a few tips for preventive skin care for those who are sedentary.

Prophylaxis begins with the correct sitting position on the bike. Ideally, you have been measured and therefore have the best prerequisites for pain-free sitting. You shouldn't leave your choice of saddle to chance either. Well-padded cycling shorts from a good manufacturer are a must. Competition suits or thin pants do not offer sufficient protection against pressure on the seat at this early training phase in the year.

Shaving prevents

A completely clean shave on the seat with a new, good blade and shaving gel or foam without pressure in the tissue offers good protection against seat problems. When completely dry, the skin could react irritated by the blade. However, there are also triathletes who do not react well to a complete shave and prefer to leave a hair length of two to three millimeters with the long hair trimmer. The risk of getting hair follicle inflammation due to friction on the saddle is considerable without adjusting the "seat hairstyle".

You should then spread one or two teaspoons of seat cream on the skin. You need the most in the area of ​​​​the seat bones and the perineum. If you ride in an aero position, then definitely apply some cream further towards the pubic bone. For this purpose, it is best to use a good seat cream especially for cyclists or, after you have tried it yourself, any other good wound cream for babies. As a rule, they have the best lubrication and adhesion factor and are well absorbed by the upholstery of the trousers, so that there is also protection against friction on the seat.

Cream tactics for women

Ladies should definitely apply an additional cream that sticks to the mucous membrane. Painful fissures occur very easily around the clitoris and in the labia areas. You have to use a special cream for this. For example, the good old Penaten baby wound cream or Deumavan "he + she" from the pharmacy is good for mucous membranes. However, Penaten Cream should be removed with care when showering after the bike ride. Because the adhesive properties are excellent :-)

Work consistently

If you consistently apply skin protection, you won't have too many worries with the skin itself. The pressure on the fabric in the seating area itself can also lead to unpleasant "feedback". This is not from a skin lesion (lesion = injury), but like an incipient decubitus (pressure sore) in the tissue in the deeper layers. Listen carefully to yourself and slowly start to extend the trips.

If, after all, something happened that you tried to avoid, hip baths with chamomile or oak bark extract are recommended. For wound care, for example, you could use Bepanthen antiseptic wound cream. A good pharmacy can give you detailed advice. It is best to stock up accordingly before the training camp.

The only consolation is that even after a long winter, the fabric gets used to the strain again very quickly.


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