Jan Frodeno: zurück im Lauftraining, Tendenz steigend

After a long injury break and many setbacks in the past year, the form and motivation curve for Jan Frodeno seems to be pointing steeply upwards again. From his training camp in the Sunshine Coast region in eastern Australia, the happy ex-world champion is already posting a running volume of 70 km per week on his Instagram account - and increasing.

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Injury frustration 2022

The 2022 season was quite frustrating for Frodeno: instead of the big showdown in Hawaii, the 41-year-old Olympic champion and Ironman champion had to accept repeated setbacks due to injuries. Already in the spring of the season, a persistent injury to the Achilles tendon led to significant limitations in building up form - especially the running training suffered considerably. Nevertheless, he decided to come back to competitions in the triathlon Mecca at Challenge Roth : Frodeno, who was in the lead, had to give up the race at the final marathon due to pain in order not to jeopardize the overarching goal - the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. In August, however, the final end followed: during a training fall on the bike, Frodeno sustained a serious hip injury that had to be treated several times in an operation. Hawaii - goodbye! At least as a participating athlete. However, that didn't stop him from volunteering at an aid station.

Nice 2023 or Hawaii 2024

It is questionable whether his fire burns as hotly for Nice as it does for Kona. After the announcement that the Ironman World Championship would be divided and an additional venue named, Frodeno, like many other colleagues, expressed his skepticism about this decision. Whether Nice is included in his 2023 racing calendar or whether Kona 2024 should be the crowning glory for (the then 43-year-old) Frodeno is still open.

For the triathlon world there is a central question: can a Jan Frodeno in top form beat the Norwegians?

He leaves no doubt about his professionalism, attitude to the sport and motivation: the "GOAT" is mentally ready for the duel. But is it his body too?

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