Notio Konect: optimiere Deine Radperformance!

Friedrichshafen, September 2nd, 2017 – This device eclipses all previous performance sensors and could be the next technical step in improving cycling performance. Notio Konect - the name of the new measuring device gives the driver information about his aerodynamics, performance, pedaling efficiency, seating position and much more while driving. The optimization potential with the Notio Konect Sensor is huge.

It looks like it belongs on an airplane. Instead, he was below the aerobars of an Argon 18 E-118 time trial bike at the Canadian bike manufacturer's booth at the Eurobike trade fair. We're talking about the Notio Konect Multisensor. Argon 18 presented this new all-rounder that aims to make the bike (and hopefully the rider) even smarter.

The Notio Konect collects data. A lot of data. Around 20 different sensors are integrated into the device and provide information about environmental influences, aerodynamics, seating position, physiology, biomechanics, riding and pedaling behavior and, of course, speed and performance. Everything in real time. For example, the driver receives information on the wind direction, his driving and aerodynamics, muscle and joint activity, seating position, pedaling efficiency and much more. The art now is to filter this flood of data, interpret it and make it usable.

Many possibilities for (self) optimization are conceivable here: slight changes in sitting posture while driving can be checked immediately for effects on aerodynamics, pedaling efficiency or performance. Another sensible option could be the adaptation of driving behavior to changing environmental influences (e.g. wind strength/wind direction). The possibilities of testing material are also conceivable with the new all-rounder: disc wheel or high-profile rim? Aero hydration system between the aero bars or bottle holder behind the saddle?

The Notio Konect transmits all of its data via Bluetooth, ie the display is optimized for mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, Bluetooth-enabled bike computer, etc.). What and how much to make of all this information is ultimately still decided by the human on the machine. There is no information on price and availability yet, we will definitely stay on the ball.


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