Stryd Lauf Powermeter: Leistungsmessung jetzt ohne Uhr auch per Smartphone

Stryd launches smartphone app for the Run power meter. The performance-based training zones and over 120 workouts are now available even without a sports watch.

All you need is the Stryd Pod

The Stryd system is a power sensor (footpod) that is attached to the running shoe and records the performance data while running (watt values). Just start a free run designed from scratch and determine your power zones.

Start your training plan and take advantage of Stryd's 120+ structured workouts (available as part of the Stryd membership). The app visualizes your individual performance targets at all times in order to achieve the training goal.

That's how it's done

In the past, the only way to run any of Stryd's power-based workouts from the workout library was by using a specific sports watch.

Now any Stryder with a smartphone can access and perform any of Stryd's 120+ performance-based workouts with the latest update to the Stryd Mobile App! There are also 25 structured workouts available if you don't have a Stryd membership.

You start by selecting a workout from the workout library.

The mobile app then guides you with workout details like performance goals for your current workout step, performance goals for your next workout step, and a full-screen performance gauge to help you visualize if you're on track.

You can even swipe up on the screen to see additional running metrics like real-time pace and cadence.

Additionally, if you are a Stryd Membership subscriber, you can create your own performance-based workouts and run them instantly on the Stryd mobile app.

Complete your first workout in the Stryd mobile app by visiting the workout library and choosing a workout today!

Revised Free Run mode with new Power Zones visualization

Regardless of the guided training sessions, the mobile app can always be used free of charge for free runs. Free run mode is available for both inside and outside runs. The key feature of this new mode is a full-screen power gauge that tells you what power zone you're running in. The full-screen performance zone makes it easy to instantly know how hard you're running just by glancing at your phone's screen.

You can even tap the lap button to add lap markers to your activity. After you're done with your run, you can tap the stop button to save it. The app takes you to the full activity breakdown so you can start analyzing your data right away.

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