Was sind Nukleotide?

Nucleotides are the primary cellular building blocks of DNA and RNA. During growth or during the immune defence, the body is required to constantly reproduce new cells. In order to produce two daughter cells, a typical cell must double its mass and total contents. In a first step, the DNA is duplicated.

A normal DNA consists of approx. 3 billion nucleotides, only after the DNA has doubled do the two cell nuclei form and the cell begins to divide into two cells. Dietary intake has been shown to accelerate the proliferation of certain cells.

Can the body produce nucleotides itself?

It used to be thought that the body could form nucleotides on its own. However, more recent research results have shown that there are situations in which the body is dependent on supply via the food chain. Above all, stressful situations (illness, regeneration), malnutrition or forced muscle growth can increase the requirement well above the body's own production rate.

Which foods are naturally rich in nucleotides?

Nucleotides occur naturally primarily in protein-rich foods. Especially in yeast extracts, from which the nucleotides are naturally obtained.

Breast milk is also naturally rich in nucleotides. The infant formula research field has led to the addition of nucleotides to industrial milks. In contrast to adult nutrition, supplementation with nucleotides is therefore widespread in baby food.


Nucleotides can be obtained from yeast extract

What effects do triathletes benefit from?

Many triathletes do their build-up training during the winter months. Strength endurance should be developed, which is usually associated with muscle growth. An increase in mass can only be accomplished if the body has sufficient material available. Nucleotides have a similar relevance or function as proteins.

Cold winter months often also affect triathletes. At the height of the flu season, triathletes are particularly at risk of infections, not least because of the open-window effects. A clinical study (Davidson et al. 2002) showed that a concentrated nucleotide supplement can reduce the severity of certain symptoms associated with secondary infections with cold and flu viruses.

Another study by Mc Naughton (McNaughton et al. 2002) shows that the fatigue factors lactate and cortisol were significantly reduced compared to the placebo group. With regard to the susceptibility to infections, this study was also able to show that the antibody concentrations, which were around 25% higher for infections of the upper respiratory tract, than in comparison with a placebo group.

Overall, nucleotides reduce the release of stress-related hormones and chemicals in the body and, on the other hand, ensure higher levels of antibodies that make the immune system more efficient.

Are there nutritional supplements with nucleotides

The Swiss sports nutrition manufacturer Sponser offers nucleotides in the form of nutritional supplements. Nucleocell contains nucleotides of RNA from yeast extracts in capsule form.

Author: Yvonne Forster Nigg, studied food science and has been working in the areas of marketing and quality assurance at Sponser Sport Food AG in Switzerland for 7 years


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