Zeit für eine Veränderung

Stupidly, I had hung myself pretty far out the window last year and told anyone who would listen that I was planning to do a middle distance this fall/winter. The good thing is, if you just hang out of the window far enough, then you have to do something. The catch is that unfortunately I haven't been able to train regularly in recent years. In February, our triathlon.de training camp on Malle was on the agenda again and I should at least act as a guide for the cappuchino troupe. Well, the guide for the cappuchino group is already included, but of course it's better to start the training camp fit. In addition, of course, the middle-distance topic is still in the room. So a plan was needed:

Point 1: lose weight

Losing weight is not that difficult in and of itself. It's not actually about sport or no sport, but about the energy balance. In short, if you want to lose weight, you have to expend more energy than you take in. This is usually not a problem for triathletes, because if you exercise many hours a day, you can eat (almost) anything you want. However, I still have to run a company and I often think that the work is more important and has to be done, and then the sport has to take a back seat.

that's how it works

But... a man of my size and weight has a basal metabolic rate of about 1900 kcal a day. My plan up until mid-February was to consume about 1000 less calories per day than I use. On the one hand, I can achieve this by eating less or doing more sport (i.e. increasing my sales). Mathematically, I would then have to lose about 1 kg of fat (=7000 kcal) per week. So by Malle it should be 7 kg less... that's the plan.

Avoid sugar and alcohol

The first few weeks went pretty well. What helped: drink lots of water and tea (coffee and spritzer also have a few calories). Furthermore, I gave up my beloved sweets after meals or in between. When I got too excited, I just ate fruit. That helps and works. Also, I largely avoided alcohol. Half a beer has over 200 calories. Wine has about double that. I entered the whole thing into a simple Excel spreadsheet. Takes a maximum of 2 minutes a day, but you have everything at a glance. If you want, take a look at the linked file . Here you can calculate your basal metabolic rate , which sport consumes how many calories and which foods have how many calories . Don't get me wrong, I'm really not an ascetic and I'm also not a fan of renunciation. But you need a little discipline if you want to lose weight. And if you don't feel like going without food, you can simply do more sport. The bottom line is that looking at calories comes down to the same thing.


My plan didn't quite work out. But I lost six kilograms from January to mid-February. I didn't go hungry and thanks to the regular training I had a lot of fun with the cappucino group on Mallorca. In the meantime I have lost more than 10 kg and of course the training is much easier and in everyday life it is also much more pleasant not to have so many kilos on your ribs. But of course a little bit more has to be done before I'm at the start in ....

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