Absage Dämmer Marathon 2023 | Mannheim

Press release from the organizing team

Dear runners,
What many of you have already suspected is now bitter reality: The Dusk Marathon will not be able to take place in 2023. We deeply regret that. Of course, as our loyal participants, you have the right to know the reasons for the cancellation.

The most important reason is certainly the Federal Horticultural Show 2023 in Mannheim . The Dammer Marathon route passes Luisenpark, which is part of the 2023 Federal Horticultural Show. We have not found an alternative route to Seckenheim. We have also considered moving the Dawn Marathon to early spring so that it can take place before BUGA 23 begins. But that failed due to other spring marathons in the area, with which we would have collided. Postponing it later in the year is also problematic because in October we are holding the FRANKLIN Miles Run and major trail running events such as the Heidelberg Trail Marathon (September 23/24, 2023) or the PfalzTrail (September 10, 2023). We even thought about moving the start and finish location to the Maimarkt grounds so as not to offend the BUGA 23. But even that was not possible, as is well known, the Maimark site is occupied in May.

Another reason is that large and important sponsors have not renewed expiring sponsorship contracts. On the one hand, this was due to the changed marketing goals of the sponsors, but also to the general economic situation. In general, it can be said that in the current world situation it is becoming more and more difficult to get sponsors enthusiastic about a major regional event.
If the loss of sponsors also coincides with inflation and skyrocketing event costs, things quickly become tight. While the approval requirements are becoming ever stricter, the prices for traffic safety, barriers, grandstands, bridges and medical supplies are literally going "through the roof". The Rosengarten as our “mother ship” at the start and finish has also become priceless for us. This is not a reproach to the Rosengarten, it is simply a result of the fact that a congress center like the Rosengarten also has to work economically and we cannot pay the prices that a large congress can transfer to the Rosengarten.

Overall, we see dark clouds gathering over the regional marathon organizers. Fewer sponsors, ever stricter requirements combined with constantly increasing costs - this is becoming a struggle for survival for the regional marathons. Laughing third parties will be the big international marathons, which call for much higher entry fees, which are then also paid.
Ah, twilight marathon, what has become of you! You were the proud symbol of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. Since 2005 you have led 100,000 athletes, including thousands of handbikers and inline skaters, through the nocturnal streets of Mannheim and Ludwigshafen. You were the stage for glittering victories and dramatic defeats. Many later top runners in the region got a taste of competition for the first time during your Bambini Run or Kids Run. Your mix of sport and glamor around Friedrichsplatz at night is unmatched to this day. Your finish around the water tower, the illuminated fountain, the happy jumps of the finishers at the finish line, no marathon can do that better to this day.
At your best, you were just a social event, not just for runners. In your VIP area there was space for 300 invited guests from sports, politics and the highest offices. Mostly 500 guests came and experienced from the balustrade of the rose garden the great starting procedure and the arrival of the winners. Thousands of volunteer helpers have secured your route with a huge commitment of heart and hand, fed your runners and supported you again and again over so many years. In Rheingönheim and Seckenheim you were the reason for the most beautiful district festivals and gave your runners goosebumps.
Yes, Dawn Marathon, you were also a scandal noodle. After your first implementation in 2004, the organizer at the time went bankrupt. We took over and made you big. In 2006 you were literally swept away by the storm "Gertrud". In 2009, in the middle of the banking crisis, you were once again on the brink. In 2014 you got really badly organized and runners got lost in the city. 2020 and 2021 the cancellations due to the corona pandemic. In between there was a lot of splendor, a lot of glory and an atmosphere at the start and finish that was unique in Germany.
The Dämmer Marathon is probably the most important popular sports event in our region. We want you to be able to start again in the Dämmer Marathon in 2024. Please support us in this project. Be loyal to us, even if we can't offer you a dusk marathon in 2023. But you can also support us by attending our other events. Why not even on narrow trails through the region! Or start at the FRANKLIN mile run over a precisely measured 10 km or at the half marathon!

Other events in 2023:
• April 1st, 2023 Mannheim Bridge Run (10km)*
• September 10, 2023: Palatinate Trail*
• 23./24. September 2023: Trail Marathon Heidelberg*
• October 8, 2023: StrahlenburgTrail*
• October 15, 2023: FRANKLIN Miles Run*

* Subject to final regulatory approval

We look forward to seeing you back at the start and wish you a sporty and healthy 2023! At the same time, we would like to thank all our runners, helpers, sponsors, the city administrations of Mannheim and Ludwigshafen, the police, medical and fire brigade forces and our subcontractors for their many years of support.
Your M3 organization team

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