Erster Ironman 70.3 ERKNER  bei Berlin

Erkner near Berlin - This Sunday (September 11th) the first edition of the Ironman 70.3 ERKNER will take place. Around 2,000 athletes tackle the half-Ironman distance just outside of Berlin. However, parallels to the unsuccessful debut of the > Ironman 70.3 DRESDEN a few weeks ago are not to be feared, since Ironman here is based on an already existing competition concept, the Erkner Triathlon.

Michael Raelert wins first Ironman 70.3 BERLIN

However, this is already the second attempt for an Ironman in the vicinity of the capital. The first official Ironman 70.3 BERLIN took place in 2013. The aim here was to organize an event in the heart of Berlin and to establish a perspective for a full Ironman. But here the organizer had made the bill without the Berlin administration : road closures, route approvals, official requirements - the Berlin triathlon scene can vividly remember the short-term changes and sparse information in the run-up to the competition. In 2013, it was possible to agree on a route shortly before the race: the bike and run course took place almost entirely at the closed Tempelhof Airport - the participants had to complete a number of loops and laps here. Back then, Michael Raelert won the first (and last) Ironman 70.3 BERLIN, because the event had to be canceled the following year due to a lack of official approval.

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"Erkner Triathlon" becomes "Ironman 70.3 ERKNER"

Source: Ironman Germany

Based on this experience, a new attempt can only be successful if the route is not to run through Berlin city center. The Erkner Triathlon in the southeast of Berlin has been an established event with a focus on middle distance for several years. The organizer has local roots, is in contact with the authorities, and the athletes experience a race between the forests and waters of the Oder-Spree lake district. In short: a working concept.

With the Ironman license, the Erkner middle distance now becomes the Ironman 70.3 ERKNER near Berlin.

Source: Ironman Germany

The routes

The swimming takes place in the Dämeritzsee and starts in the Erkner outdoor pool. The flat 90-kilometer bike course is embedded in the forest and lake area of ​​the Oder/Spree district and is just 50 meters in altitude. The final 21-kilometre run then leads the athletes back through the old town of Erkner in three laps.

We wish the organizer and all participating athletes a nice and successful competition weekend.


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