3 Fehler, die ein Sportler macht, wenn er verletzt ist!

A forced break due to an injury is annoying for both hobby and professional athletes and is often associated with pain. The correct handling of the injury and the personal responsibility of every athlete are required. dr Csaba Losonc is a sports doctor and is particularly familiar with the topics of arthrosis and prevention in the field of hobby sports. In the following guest article, he not only explains three typical mistakes that an athlete makes when he is injured, but also shows how you can avoid them and practice your sport injury-free.

Mistake #1: Being late to the doctor

If an injury occurs, you should immediately listen to your body's signals, stop activity, and seek medical advice. This is exactly where the first mistake that athletes make in this context lies: They delay going to the doctor or do not consider it at all. In the age of Google and knowledge platforms, people tend to self-diagnose and trust that the body will be able to fix it on its own. However, a bit of rest and taking painkillers is no substitute for a professional examination followed by a diagnosis. In particular, if tendons, ligaments or muscles are seriously injured, appropriate therapy and possibly a splint or other aids are required to ensure healing. In some cases, the statements of trainers also play a role, who primarily want their top performers to be ready for action again and therefore insist on getting fit again if possible. However, it is important to take personal responsibility and consult a specialist doctor right from the start. A sports medicine doctor can provide specific help and draw up the right treatment plan.

Mistake number 2: The diagnosis is made far too late

An error that is just as common is that any diagnosis is made too late, for example because a normal family doctor recommends cortisone treatment to calm the pain first. Of course, counteracting pain is advisable, but never with cortisone treatments and at the expense of a thorough examination and accurate diagnosis, which then usually falls by the wayside. Athletes need to know exactly what injury they have sustained in order to take appropriate action. It is therefore best to place yourself in the hands of a sports medicine specialist who has extensive experience and has successfully treated many sports injuries over the course of his career. He or she will be able to make the correct diagnosis relatively quickly. The latter is essential for receiving appropriate treatment in the hobby sector.

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Mistake #3: Loading too early after injury

Even in the hobby area, athletes find it difficult to keep their feet still and recover from their injuries in peace. The body needs time to heal and reduce inflammation, for example. In the case of tendonitis caused by overexertion, prescribed rest periods of six weeks are not uncommon. In any case, the following applies: As an athlete, you should follow the doctor's recommendation and, in your own interest, be patient. Starting again too soon because your teammates are constantly asking you, you can't stand the standstill any longer, or the coach is putting pressure on you can, in the worst case, lead to an injury flaring up again and causing more pain than before. Then a long ordeal awaits. It is therefore essential to give your body the time it needs to be completely healthy again. In the case of serious injuries, physiotherapy can be supportive and gently re-accustom individual parts of the body to normal movement patterns.

A conclusion

dr Csaba Losonc recommends a sports medical examination, which helps amateur athletes to avoid these mistakes and rule out any problems or injuries. Training errors can also be uncovered in this way. It is advisable to consult a professional who can offer a sports medicine check-up, particularly when returning to sports after an injury or starting a new sport.

Expert CV Dr. medical Csaba Losonc

dr medical Csaba Losonc is an expert in arthrosis and prevention in the field of (hobby) sports, and is listed as a recognized sports physician by the German Society for Sports Medicine (DGSP). His patients are particularly passionate, because he sees empathy and empathy as the most important tools in his work. dr Losonc and his team also attach great importance to the most modern equipment when making the diagnosis in order to be able to guarantee the best treatment. Gladly gives Dr. Losonc expert advice for athletes. More information is available on his website .

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