Fit für die Sprintdistanz: Die drei effektivsten Laufeinheiten

On the sprint distance, often also called the people's distance, the distance in the final discipline of running is usually around five kilometers. The times achieved range between 15 and 30 minutes for professionals and beginners. The running speed, the associated coordination requirements and the strain on the cardiovascular system are correspondingly high and should be addressed in a targeted manner during training.

Keeping a long story short

As a pure running unit, we recommend short intervals of 10 x 200 meters or 5 x 400 meters, which are completed at maximum speed. Since optimal coordination of arm and leg work is necessary for the maximum speed that can be achieved, the recovery times between the stress intervals are kept relatively long (double the duration of the stress). This allows you to adequately prepare yourself mentally and coordinatively for each interval.

And here we go

A typical interval unit, which is preferably carried out on the 400-meter track, alternatively on a measured cycle path or something similar, could look like this:

Unit 1 - total duration approx. 60 min

15 min warm-up with 5-10 short increase runs over 50-100m

10 x 200m at VO2max intensity, resting between intervals double exercise duration

15 min coasting or cycling

If you have never trained like this before, it is best to start with 5 x 200 meters to determine your interval target time. As a rule, the fastest time is not achieved until the third or fourth interval, since the body is only then adjusted to the increased movement speed. This time must be called up constantly in the following two to three units over 10 x 200 meters. Based on the 10 x 200 meters, 5 x 400 meters can also be run with a recorded increase in performance. Here, the 400 meters should ideally be able to be run at the same speed as the 200 meters. For example, it could look like this:

15 min warm-up with 5-10 increase runs over 50-100m

5 x 400 m in 90 s each, resting between intervals 180 s

15 min coasting or cycling

Practice changing tempo

Sprint distances are increasingly being carried out as part of large triathlon events in cities, sometimes in front of large numbers of spectators. Sections of high spectator density often alternate in quick succession with sections of low spectator density. Where many are cheering and the euphoria is great, the pace is often unconsciously and significantly increased for a short time. That's a good thing, because it's supposed to be fun! However, you should prepare yourself accordingly during training for the changes in pace and peak loads that this causes. The following unit, for example, is particularly effective for this:

Unit 2 total duration 45-60 min

15 min warm-up in the basic area

15-30 min run basic range, alternating every 4 min for one minute at target race pace + 10% speed premium

15 min coasting or cycling

Changing takes practice

In relation to the relatively short overall duration of a sprint competition and the shortness of the run split, the change times and the fastest possible muscular and coordinative adaptation to the change of discipline play a much greater role in the overall performance than is the case with longer triathlon distances. Therefore, even simple coupling units are very effective for the overall performance, e.g. B. in the following form:

Unit 3 - total duration approx. 60 min

10 min cycling in the basic area

400 m at maximum speed after a quick change

10 min cycling in the basic area

400 m at maximum speed after rapid change, etc.

This series is repeated up to the sixth bike section and also serves to learn a quick change technique. If you have a start number band and wear it while cycling, you should have nothing more than a pair of running shoes with elastic laces, possibly socks, a running cap and gel on a towel at your changing station.

Advanced riders can of course complete units two and three as coupled units after cycling. At the latest, nothing should stand in the way of good running times on the sprint distance!

Light. Fast. Dynamic.

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