Lauftraining: 400m Temposerien in der Wettkampfphase

In the phase of immediate competition preparation, our coach Stephan has developed a demanding running program for speed development, especially over short distances (sprint / Olympic), which you can integrate into your running training as a HIT unit once a week. These are 400m speed series that are ideally completed on the track.

A series consists of 3x400m, which you should run in the development area / VO2max, approx. 30 seconds faster than the current threshold pace (example: threshold pace = 5:00 min/km, ie every 400 in 4:30 pace = 1:48 min/ 400m). Depending on the performance level and desired training load, the number of series can be varied. The program looks like this:

warm up

Run in for 10-15 minutes

8x30m running ABC, various exercises (skipping, heels, hopping, changing jumps, etc.)

3x 100m increase run


3 / 4 / 5 series of 3x 400m

Break between the 400s: 1 min standing/walking break, series break 3 min

Cool down

800m easy trot, followed by stretching


You can integrate this unit into the tapering in a competition week about 4-5 days before the race as the last more intensive activation. Important: a maximum of 3 series.

Enjoy the training. Good luck in the competition.

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