Schwimmhilfen für Triathleten: Die Fußfessel

Bondage games are not for everyone, but they are an interesting method in swimming training to optimize the position in the water. Triathlon beginners who are interested in improving their swimming technique, but also those who are more advanced should try the ankle bracelet.

The ankle bracelet

Deficits in the position in the water - this means above all the legs sinking and thus a greatly increased propulsion resistance - are a frequent problem for freestyle beginners. The legs are tied together with an ankle bracelet, which you can easily make yourself from an old bicycle tube, thus neutralizing every leg kick. This initially leads to an even greater sinking of the legs, since it is no longer possible to compensate for the deficits in the water position by kicking the legs.

But that's exactly how the freestyle swimmer learns to shift his body's center of gravity forward according to the principle of error amplification in order to bring his legs back into balance and simply not "drown". So cheer up if you stand like a top in the water after a few swimming meters on the first try. Exercises with the ankle bracelet are absolutely one of the more demanding swimming variants.

The advanced swimmer can combine the ankle bracelet with one-arm and/or fist crawl. Over time you learn to reflexively compensate for imbalances in the water position, which, for example, also occur with good swimmers when they are tired.


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