Zwift: Neue Schottland Karte jetzt online

New from Zwift: Inspired by the Scottish landscape and city of Glasgow, Zwift's newest game world is designed for training and competition. The bicycle playground is getting bigger and bigger.

This new world is Zwift's first designed specifically for the UCI Cycling Esports World Championships. At launch, Scotland will feature five tracks, three of which will feature in the exciting new multi-format race that will also determine the 2023 Esports World Champions on February 18th.

The Scotland of the Zwift universe was inspired by the city of Glasgow - the venue for the 2023 UCI World Cycling Championships - and the beautiful, awe-inspiring Scottish countryside. The new routes pass castles, moors, lochs, beinns (Gaelic for mountains), sgurrs (rocky peaks) and Glasgow-inspired townscapes. Zwifters should also keep an eye out for Scottish Easter Eggs on their ride.

There are five routes in Scotland, giving Zwifters a total of 36 miles to explore, cycle and race:

Rolling Highlands - 14.1 kilometers with 105 meters in altitude. On this rollercoaster ride around the lake, Zwifters are constantly going up or down. In competitions, the crisp course offers many opportunities to attack. When training, the rolling hills are the perfect place to get quick bursts of power while pushing your way up the repetitive short climbs.

City and the Sgurr - 8.6 kilometers with 161 meters in altitude. Sgurr means 'rocky peak' in Scottish Gaelic and this route tackles Zwift's recent ascent from two directions. Roundabouts at the bottom of both sides mean Zwifters can easily circle the climb, making it the perfect place for reruns or very challenging races!

Glasgow Crit Circuit - 3 kilometers with 33 meters of climbing. Located in the heart of Glasgow city centre, Zwift's newest crit course showcases the city's distinctive architecture. The course has short, crisp climbs, narrow, winding roads and two archways. The course offers options for any distance racing on an easy track that is sure to make for intense competition .​

Loch Loop - 8 kilometers with 71 meters of climbing. This loop is a time trialist's paradise - the long, manageable route is mostly flat and includes some of the Rolling Highlands, but omits the bigger climbs and only offers Zwifters a few rolling hills to break up the exertions. The course is 5 miles long making it perfect for 5, 10, 15 or 20 mile time trials or team time trials. For traditional racing, exploring and training, the Loch Loop also offers a flatter alternative to the Rolling Highlands.

The Muckle Yin - 25.1 kilometers with 279 meters in altitude. That's the big chunk - a single route that covers almost all of Scotland's roads in a single itinerary. Starting in the heart of Glasgow city center, the route quickly takes riders up the steep cliffs of Scotland's west coast before heading north to the 'loch' and then on to fantastic views along the way. This challenging circuit is a ride or race to discover all of Scotland's distinctive and fascinating features.

Initially only for races and events

Scotland will initially only be available for events and races. The first opportunity for Zwifters to ride Scotland is during Stage 8 of the Tour de Zwift, February 3-12 . Ride Scotland and Race Scotland events are scheduled from February 6th to March 7th for those who miss the Tour de Zwift or want more time to ride the new map. February's ZRacing series will also take place on the Scotland map. Completing a ZRacing or Ride Scotland event on the new map will unlock a Zwift Tartan Cycling kit. Scotland will be available for Free Ride, Club Events and Meetups from early March.

The UCI Cycling Esports World Championships will be held on the Scottish map on February 18th. You can find more information here.

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