Training plan triathlon: 16 weeks Olympic distance - level advanced/racer

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This plan is for all advanced triathletes who want to beat their personal best on the Olympic distance. 16 weeks of structured training preparation using the latest sports science methods that will get you in top form on the day of the competition. Over the entire period, he will guide you through basic and advanced training to specific competition preparation and follows a 3:1 rhythm, ie 3 weeks of stress followed by 1 week of relief.

The content of each individual training unit is described in detail. In addition to swimming, cycling and running units, you will also find detailed stability and pull rope training, as well as effective couple training in the immediate preparation for a competition. The plan also takes into account the current swimming pool closures and compensates for the lack of swimming training at the beginning with appropriate alternative training (pull rope).

The scope and intensity of the units are consistently increased over the course of the training and offer you varied and effective training methods. In order to be able to understand and implement the training units well, you will receive a lot of helpful additional information:

  • Explanations of terms and description of the individual training areas for each discipline
  • Exercise instructions and series of images for stability exercises and pull rope training

A GPS watch / bike computer is recommended for training control, including a heart rate function. Watt-based cycling training is supported, but a power meter is not a requirement.

    Your training plan will be provided to you via the training platform Trainingpeaks.

    It's so easy to start with the training plan:

    When you place your order, please let us know - it is best to use the order instructions in the shopping cart view - when you would like to start with the plan or when the plan should end (usually the date of your competition). After the order you will receive your access data for the Trainingpeaks training platform. If you already have an account there, please let us know your username or Trainingpeaks email in the order instructions. The plan is then simply uploaded to your Trainingpeaks calendar and the training can start.


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